You can choose the length of your trip and the correct balance between the time spent working and the time used to enjoy what surrounds you.

Every work that can be done remotely will get a boost from an immersive experience in our incredible island. We’ll help you keep the best balance between your work and the exploration of the local culture and lifestyle. No working on the beach or on an hammock! The beach is meant for fun and the hammock for relax. We’ll keep things where they belong so you’ll be able to work in accurately equipped coworking spaces and to enjoy all the rest without your laptop.

You can choose how much time you’ll spend focusing on your work and when you want to take a break we have plenty of chances for you. Wanna climb a Vulcano or dive in the deep sea? Wanna learn to cook the Sicilian way or taste the world famous street food? Wanna discover the treasures of the Sicilian historical heritage or get lost in the crazy nightlife? Everything’s possible in Sicily.


You can decide to:

  • ask for a customized program based on the period of your interest and the kind of experiences you’re looking for
  • join one of our thematic workation weeks. In this case you simply reply to our Call by submitting a form that includes a motivation paragraph we will use to select the final group of participants.