This tailor made experiential training will help you face organizational issues related to your Values and Mission. A deep dive in Sicilian amazing culture and nature that will challenge the core of your Organization.

Doesn’t matter whether your organization is in startup phase or has already spent decades on the market, the Mission is still the cornerstone upon which everything else depends. Before even thinking about what your organization does or even how it does it, the crucial question that should never be eluded is why.

The Mission should always arise naturally from the set of Common Values that pervade your Organization and that all the members should incarnate at a sufficient level.

Despite the fundamental importance of these basic organizational bricks, it’s amazing how little attention is usually paid on them. There’s no intention to blame anyone for that. We’ve already been there too and we know how hard it can be to conciliate what you do and how you should be doing it, with the need for true Purpose and Meaning.

This is why we propose a customized experience in Sicily, accompanied by our professional coaches and trainers, to finally give you the opportunity to step aside, look critically at what you’re doing and retune the organization on what matters the most, and not for the market or stakeholders, but for you.

This program is for you if one or more of the following apply to your organizazion:

  • You feel there’s a sort of autopilot in the way things are done
  • You see a misalignment between what organization members want to achieve individually and what the organization as a whole is pursuing
  • You notice a mismatch between the way your organization is perceived internally and externally
  • You like the idea of sharing an experience with your organization’s members

How it works

We do not propose any standardized program so the starting point is always an initial audit to understand your organizational needs and desired results. Based on those elements we design a customized experience and discuss the proposal with you. When you are convinced about the program, we can proceed with the preparation phase.

The setting of the experiences may range from urban to natural environment but always in Sicily. The program is highly experiential so little space will be given to traditional training.

You will leave Sicily with a new Mission & Values statement or you will have a reinforced idea of the original one. We will give you the opportunity to discuss how it is going in a follow up meeting (in presence or online).