unConventional Convention

Conventions and Team Meetings are stretegic means for internal communication, sharing and confrontation for organizational growth, especially related to Mission and path checking. Whether you already made some conventions and would like to imagine something different, or you’re facing the design of your first one, GOWORKINSICILY is for you.

We believe in organizations made of and by people. And that people, when enabled to share values and cooperate rather than compete, are able to co-design and promote their role enhancing the overall result.

We are fully aware of corporate dynamics and we’re experts in organizational wellbeing. We offer your the best tools to “self-listen” and enable your internal tuning. We offer you the Sicilian amazing territory and its traditions to let you discover or rediscover the pleasure of “being together”.


Our proposals aims primarily at:

  • promoting self-consciousness and identity
  • letting you experience the pleasure of sharing as an approach to work and life
  • assessing the attitude towards future and mental openess: limits or potentials?
  • letting you think on the value of human capital: how much are you investing on it?
  • assessing actual tools: digital challenge and communication
  • letting you set up objectives: a possible development pact


We do not propose any standardized program so the starting point is always an initial audit to understand your organizational needs and desired results. Based on those elements we design a customized experience and discuss the proposal with you. When you are convinced about the program, we can proceed with the preparation phase.

We cover every logistic aspect working in partnership with 40+ years experienced Tour Operator (Sicilian Tourist Service). We add the huge value of trainers and professional coach that will accompany your experience. The setting may range from urban to natural environment but always in Sicily.

You will leave Sicily with a greater knowledge of what drives effectively your organization and you will have experienced an unconventional way of being together. We will give you the opportunity to discuss the impact of the convention in a follow up meeting (in presence or online).