Motivation & Creativity Trip

This is a program targeted to teams facing the starting phase of a new organizational challenge, such as a new project, the design of a new product or an internal reorganization.

Think of your organization as an athlete approaching the next Olympic Games. You’re aware they will challenge your strength, resistance, ability to stay focused on your objectives and to avoid desperation when troubles will show up. It shouldn’t surprise you how important the preparation phase is and how crucial it is to make sure you’ll have enough self motivation and creativity when you’ll have to face your obstacles or the terrible last mile.

Let’s now imagine a completely different situation. You could feel like your organization has lost the ability to think out of the box and find disruptive solutions to problems. The answers are obvious and don’t really give you the sensation you’re able to make a difference. You feel stuck in a trivial stimulus-response chain without enough motivation to break the rules and do something memorable.

We propose to you a customized journey in Sicily, accompanied by our professional coaches and trainers, to boost your motivation and creativity through a mix of experiential training and amazing experiences that will overturn your point of view.

This program is for you if one or more of the following apply to your organizazion:

  • You feel that the way things are done will not work anymore in the near future
  • You notice a low level of motivation and you fear this will damage you in the next big challenge
  • You feel in a one way stream with little chance to think and work differently
  • You’re looking for a reliable source of organizational energy
  • You like the idea of sharing an experience with your organization’s members

How it works

We do not propose any standardized program so the starting point is always an initial audit to understand your organizational needs and desired results. Based on those elements we design a customized experience and discuss the proposal with you. When you are convinced about the program, we can proceed with the preparation phase.

The setting of the experiences may range from urban to natural environment but always in Sicily. The program is highly experiential so little space will be given to traditional training.

You will leave Sicily with a greater knowledge of what motivates effectively your organization and you will have experienced a divergent point of view that will promote your ability to think different. We will give you the opportunity to discuss how it is going in a follow up meeting (in presence or online).