About us

GOWORKINSICILY moves its first steps after years of collaboration between maremiele, communication and consultancy firm, and neu [nòi], a non-profit organization promoting collaboration and social innovation. The great quantity of shared values, combined with the deep love for the Sicilian territory, bring the idea for a common initiative. We, Emilio and Beppe, incarnate this intention bringing to life this amazing adventure. Our interest for organizations arises from a common past as managers and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, we both recently became Business and Corporate Coach, following the profound commitment to people’s central role in organizations.

We’ve decided to embrace the challenge of a cultural revolution, both for individuals and organizations, and have chosen as brother in arms the teacher they respect the most, Sicily.



With a technical background (both academic and on field) I developed deep knowledge of business processes and software. I’m focused on mapping every business requirement to a complex system where people and procedures interact smoothly to achieve the desired result.


I’m committed to the pursuit of organizational happiness applying my knowledge in the fields of motivation, coaching and group dynamics. My rational mindset is thus balanced with a clear understanding of the role of emotions and values in organizational success.


With a Master’s Degree in Economics and Marketing, Professional Coach, I have been dealing with creative communication for over 25 years. I worked in Milan for a leading publishing company and I’ve been partner in a Sicilian web agency managing its development on a national scale. I’m passionate about client’s Culture and Mission, the fuse I love to ignite.


I apply the humanistic approach in Coaching, combining the modern concepts of positive psychology with the classical idea of man as innately good. The Mediterranean Basin that harbors and regenerates diverse cultures inspires me as a Coach for ideas and creative projects for individuals and organizations.